Discover, enrich, and analyze your SharePoint files by automatically creating metadata with TermSet

Easily and efficiently generate metadata and taxonomy for your files in SharePoint with TermSet. TermSet allows you to extract key terms that may be hard to find and instantly enable your documents to be more searchable and organized with enhanced metadata.


  • Automatically extracts key terms that are usually hidden and not searchable in your documents, files, and PDFs
  • Creates consistent and accurate metadata and taxonomies
  • Interactive dashboards can easily be created through TermSet
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables automatic discovery and tagging of hundreds of entities
  • Pattern matching allows for recognition of reference numbers and any other patterns


  • Dramatically reduce the cost and time in creating and maintaining your SharePoint’s file information
  • Adding metadata enables users to find important information quickly and easily
  • Reports and dashboards can provide your business with information on trends and insights to better understand your processes and operations
  • Taxonomy management helps to ensure that the correct and concise metadata is being generated