COVID-19 Can’t Stop Compass Forwarding

No one imagined a month ago they’d need to move a bustling office of 40 to remote work at a moment’s notice.  Concerns around productivity, making sure daily tasks like receiving payments from clients and processing invoices, and even your staff’s ability to access the files they need to do their jobs can even make it seem impossible.

This was the reality for Compass Forwarding, a global leader in transportation and logistics for over 60 years, as the COVID-19 outbreak caused a lockdown of their offices in the virus’s US epicenter – New York.  Overnight, they needed to find a way to not only keep their staff functional, but also keep their commitments to their global clients. Compass was different, though; unlike many other businesses in New York and across the globe, Compass Forwarding had been preparing for a myriad of disasters for years with Laserfiche.

Laserfiche-LogoLaserfiche is the global leader in intelligent content management and business process automation.  Through their robust platform organizations can securely store and organize documents in an easy-to-use repository that is accessible worldwide, simplify previously tedious tasks like invoice capture with process automation, and ensure things get done on time and accurately with intelligent reporting and task reminders, all of which are vital to the logistics of an international transportation company.

“Laserfiche has been a game changer.”

Vincenzo Minino, Director of Quality Compliance

Long before the COVID-19 outbreak, Compass Forwarding had transformed their previously paper-heavy organization into a digital powerhouse.  “Laserfiche is one of our most important assets,” according to Vincenzo Minino, Director of Quality Compliance at Compass Forwarding.  Their work in international transport means strict compliance guidelines must be constantly followed.  One of their most important functions, getting air cargo shipped on time, involves multiple signatures from various departments.  Before working with Accelerated Information Systems, a leading Laserfiche provider, shipments could make it to the airport with missing signatures meaning potentially detrimental delays for their clients.  With Laserfiche’s automated task routing, each shipment leaves the warehouse with every signature, meaning no more delays for their clients.

“Without Laserfiche, we would have been crippled.”

As it became clear daily life would be drastically changed due to COVID-19, figuring out how to set up an office from home and keep businesses running was key.  For Compass Forwarding, they simply needed to make sure their staff had the hardware they needed, and Laserfiche handled the rest, no testing required.

“You don’t want to have to have a pandemic to prove your investment was really worth it.”

With Laserfiche, Compass Forwarding didn’t need to worry about a lag in service for their customers, even though their workforce was no longer physically in their offices.  Customer are notified automatically based off key metadata housed within Laserfiche,  eliminating the need for staff to call a client to give them a status update.  Everyone who needs up-to-the-minute information on a shipment or task has it without the need for manual human follow up.  Plus, without a dependence on physical paper, coupled with Laserfiche’s extensive repository search and organizational features, staff never has to worry about if they left important files back in the office – everything is right at their fingertips from any internet-connected device.

Beyond the impact on clients, being able to immediately social distance when the order was put in place in New York meant decreasing the risk of spreading COVID-19 to Compass Forwarding staff and their family.  The decision between health and career didn’t need to be piled on top of stress of living through the pandemic for the Compass team.

Compass Forwarding is also doing their part in helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by transporting and delivering critical medical supplies and other items that are in high-demand. These medical supplies include vital materials such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks and life-saving ventilators. Weekly air shipments of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals are still being transported around the world thanks to Compass Forwarding’s tireless efforts which are supported by Laserfiche. They even transported an air ambulance helicopter from Europe to the United States in cooperation with their partners. In addition to critical medical supplies, Compass Forwarding has continued to transport food and beverage shipments as well as spare parts and larger components for the aerospace industry—all in an effort to ensure our lives continue to move forward.

The spread of COVID-19 across the globe has transformed not only the way we live, but also the way we do business.  With the unprecedented millions of unemployment claims in early April, seeing a company who prepared for the worst, and has risen to the challenge exemplifies how important it is to have a disaster management plan in place before disaster is even on the horizon.  Compass Forwarding’s forward-thinking approach helped them not only continue to get business done for their clients, but also mitigate the detrimental effect of halting business for their staff.

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