Our Team


Zaheer K. Master


Zaheer has always had a passion for problem solving. It was this passion that lead him to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Binghamton University. After graduation, he encountered a problem close to home. His Father, a CPA, was running out of space to store paper files. After an exhaustive review of nearly every solution available, Zaheer recommended Laserfiche to his Father. Zaheer was so impressed with Laserfiche that he decided to quit his job and form Accelerated Information Systems to provide Laserfiche solutions to other companies.

Since that time in 2005, Accelerated Information Systems has grown to become one of the top Value-Added Resellers for Laserfiche. Clients of Accelerated Information Systems include Fortune 500 firms, Registered Investment Advisors and Broker-Dealers, Colleges and Universities, and State and Local Governments.

Throughout his career Zaheer has become well known for innovative solutions to today’s business challenges. Forging long-lasting relationships and fostering customer success is the driving force behind Accelerated’s prosperity.

Zaheer resides in Long Island, New York with his wife and two children.


Lukas Watson

Sales manager

Lukas first learned about the sales field while growing up. He would often watch his father prepare for trade shows and frequently was called upon to help load the booth displays. These experiences fostered a love of meeting new people and travel from a young age.

Lukas acquired a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Stony Brook University and joined Accelerated soon after graduation. Lukas utilizes the skills he developed in the classroom, the home, and on the road to offer customers solutions personalized to fit the needs of their organization. He seeks to go beyond solving individual problems; Lukas instead seeks to digitally transform organizations to improve all aspects of daily operations.

Lukas is a Long Island native, who is constantly preparing for the worst.


Patrick N. Leon

Operations Manager

Patrick studied Digital Arts and Marketing Communications at Oneonta State University before joining the Accelerated team as a Graphic Design Intern in May of 2009. His role quickly expanded to include website administration and marketing activities such as content creation, social media management, and trade show coordination. Patrick now resides as the Marketing Manager and remains focused on those same responsibilities in addition to his Managerial duties. Patrick is a Laserfiche Certified Professional and has received additional certifications from Google and Microsoft.


Christine Shea

Marketing Manager

Christine graduated with honors from SUNY Farmingdale State College with a bachelor’s degree in professional communications with a concentration in English. Before joining the Accelerated team, Christine worked for over a decade in retail management which helped build her customer relations, marketing, and communications skills in the real world. In her role as Accelerated’s marketing associate, Christine’s primary focus is on social media management, email marketing, and digital advertising as well as more long-form content creation like client-focused case studies.

Christina Cropped

Christina Perretta

DevOps I

Christina graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics with a Computer Science minor. After graduating, she joined the Accelerated team and quickly earned both her Gold and Platinum Laserfiche certifications. Christina’s role at Accelerated includes evaluating and designing solutions to ensure that clients’ processes run efficiently, as well as helping to provide support to users.


Calliope Demetriou, PMP

Project Manager

Calliope graduated from Fordham University Gabelli School of Business with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Concentration in Entrepreneurship. She acquired her Information Governance Practitioner certification shortly after joining the Accelerated team, and earned her Laserfiche certifications soon after that. Calliope is also certified by Microsoft, and has a certification for Project Management.


Brandon Gulack

Technical Support Manager

Brandon studied at Farmingdale State College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. Shortly after graduating Brandon joined the Accelerated Information Systems team as the Support Engineer. While at Accelerated Information Systems he received his Laserfiche 10 gold certification. His role at Accelerated include installation and configuring of Laserfiche systems as well as troubleshooting both server and end user problems with Laserfiche applications.

Brandon is Laserfiche 10 Gold Certified.


Dylan Wetherald

DevOps Manager

Dylan graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell with a degree in Computer Science. He focuses his time on building proof of concept and custom demonstrations for various Laserfiche products for both Cloud and On-Premise Environments. He specializes in creating unique and interactive demonstrations to give both existing and prospective clients a glimpse of what their process can look like in the Laserfiche environment. Dylan is Platinum Certified with Laserfiche.

Brian Our Team Page

Brian D. Offsey

DevOps III

Brian attended the University of Maryland before receiving his BS in Computer Science from Hofstra University, focusing on software and app development. He is Gold Certified in Laserfiche 10, handling development in Laserfiche products as well as writing code to integrate Laserfiche with other software. His responsibilities include when a client wants to switch to Laserfiche, when they want to use Laserfiche to better optimize their current operations, and helping provide support.

April Rounded No Stroke

April Florez

Account Manager

April attended the Technical Career Institute where she became skilled in computerized communication and office application procedures before graduating with a degree in Office Technology.

Prior to joining the AIS team, April worked as a career advisor organizing job fairs and networking with new employers, which helped her develop the interpersonal skills she now utilizes in her role at Accelerated. As Accelerated’s administrative assistant, April primarily focuses on arranging business meetings, liaising with prospective AIS clients, and managing current client information and records.

Luis Rounded Plain

Luis Garcia

DevOps I

Luis studied Computer Programming & Information Systems at Farmingdale State College. He holds the Laserfiche Gold Certification and enjoys programming as well as learning about new, fascinating technologies such as A.I and machine learning. Outside of Accelerated, Luis’ favorite hobbies include working out, playing soccer, and going snowboarding.