Financial Services Overview

Focus on Your Clients, Not Paperwork

For today’s Financial Services firms, the paper-based operating model is too slow, cumbersome, and expensive. Laserfiche provides a new operating model that automates and accelerates business processes improving client services while maintaining compliance with FINRA, SEC, and fiduciary recordkeeping rules. Manage and process client information faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

  • Access documents to view, add, and update information regardless of format.
  • Gain a single point of control over all information assets, whether using your laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • Allow clients to access, review, and upload documents quickly, securely and conveniently via a public portal for non-licensed users.

Build the Auto-File Structure for Everything Going Forward

Managing and manually filing paperwork, document-intensive processes, and incomplete or inaccurate data entry is a long and cumbersome process, eliminate manual data entry with an auto-file! Reduce the time, cost, and delays by automatically indexing and archiving incoming paperwork with enterprise capture and classification tools.

  • Auto-file documents to their appropriate folders based on the document’s template and fields.
  • Create a standardized filing folder structure that requires minimal input and leverages data in existing systems, such as CRM.

Documents are filed automatically to the right place, every time with just a few clicks.

New Account Opening Process

Streamline your firm’s account opening process to reduce errors and processing time with Laserfiche Forms, that integrates with third-party applications, such as CRMs, electronic applications, and digital signature solutions. Let your team spend more time serving clients by removing much of the administrative and compliance burden with automated processes.

  • Capture all the client information that is necessary to open a new account.
  • Automatically route information to relevant operations and client service personnel for execution and review.
  • Send out documents for signatures required to execute an account opening right from your repository through an integration with DocuSign.

Money Movement Process

Improve and simplify all the journal, wires, EFT, and check disbursement transactions your firm makes every year. Laserfiche Forms are customized to meet your organization’s needs and specifications to ensure and implement appropriate steps and compliance. Capture the key information needed to complete client requests quickly and move money securely.

  • Track and timestamp every step of the process to ensure accountability.
  • Reduce inefficient back-and-forth, capture missing data the first time with required fields.
  • Keep business moving with task re-assignments for absent or overwhelmed team members.
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Go One Step Further with Laserfiche Vault

Backed by industry-leading Amazon Web Services cloud security, Laserfiche Vault offers services and cloud-based features specifically designed for the Financial Services Industry. Laserfiche Vault provides a secure and accurate system of record to support complying with SEC Rule 17a-f policies. This includes strict WORM (write once, read many) standards for retaining electronic records and FINRA audit requirements.

“Strict Compliance Mode” removes any overrides or bypasses that are traditionally reinforced through a magnetic WORM device. Users will not be allowed to make any modifications to a record’s content or perform any action that may shorten or bypass the initial retention schedule. Additionally, Laserfiche can be authorized to act as the designated third-party (D3P) to access content in the event of an audit.

About Accelerated Information Systems

Accelerated Information Systems (AIS) is an award-winning professional services firm focused on solving business challenges with software solutions. AIS provides expert guidance, utilizing industry expertise and a strong technical skill set to design, implement, and support enterprise solutions.

AIS provides a full suite of professional services including consulting, solution design, implementation, technical support, data conversion, system integration, training, and project management.

Clients of AIS include State and Local Government, Colleges and Universities, Financial Services (Wealth Management, Investment Advisors, Broker-Dealers), Manufacturers, Not-for-Profit Organizations, TV and Media, and Multi-National Non-Governmental Organizations.

Founded in 2005, AIS is headquartered in New York and is also certified in multiple other states as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). In addition to their status as a Platinum Certified Laserfiche Solution Provider and the 2019 Laserfiche Cloud Solution Provider of the Year, AIS is a Microsoft Cloud Silver Certified Partner.

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