About Us

A Proven Solution Accelerated Information Systems

Accelerated Information Systems (AIS) is an award-winning professional services firm focused on solving enterprise content management and workflow challenges. Since 2005 we have guided our clients through the process of integrating state of the art document management software with existing systems and platforms. Our success is measured by our client’s satisfaction and reflected by consistent annual revenue growth.

AIS is a firm focused solely on solution design and implementation. We do not provide general IT support; instead we work with your IT department to provide a foundation for our solution. IT departments typically excel at maintaining infrastructure uptime and break-fix support. As a specialized outside services firm, our expert team has the ability to focus on improving business processes. Leveraging the experience gained from working across various industries and companies, our specialists are uniquely positioned to create value for our clients.

Our specialists have earned numerous industry and vendor certifications, including Laserfiche, Microsoft, AIIM, and CompTIA. They also hold university degrees in related fields such as computer science, business, finance, and engineering.

At Accelerated, we understand that managing change is the most important part of any project. By engaging Management, IT, and End-Users we ensure that a project will generate a positive ROI, will fit with IT infrastructure and plans, and will be accepted by the End-Users. The end result is a software solution owned by all stakeholders that becomes an integral part of daily operations.

Since no system exists in a vacuum, we align our project to fit your platform, ensuring that your systems can exchange information through seamless integration. Our firm also specializes in data conversion and import from legacy systems, ensuring a smooth transition to our modern solution.

State of the art software. A focus on process improvement. Industry expertise. With Accelerated Information Systems, its more than just software, it’s a proven solution.