Artsyl docAlpha

Advanced Document Capture for Laserfiche, SharePoint, and Other Systems

Artsyl creates smart document capture software which helps speed up and automate the capture process. The Click-to-Capture™ feature as well as its self-learning capabilities help to validate, store, and retrieve information with maximum efficiency.


  • Self-learning capabilities to automatically find necessary fields and related data
  • From document identification to storing the document, the operation is fully automated
  • Automatically cross-validate and reconcile with information already stored in your system
  • Point and click to capture data
  • Capture and monitoring can be done locally or remotely


  • Improve data accuracy with automatic data validation
  • Save valuable company and staff time by speeding up the capture process
  • Locate business-critical information automatically – The more the program is used, the more intelligent it becomes!
  • Automatically recognize the correct template and where it should be sent for approval
  • Helps enforce compliance