Canon ScanFront 330 Laserfiche Integration

Scan Directly to Laserfiche From Your Desktop Scanner. No Middleware Required.

Laserfiche Integration for Scanner, Canon ScanFront 330

  • Choose A Template
  • Name Your Document
  • Add Metadata
  • Choose A Folder
  • It’s That Easy!

You can view a basic demonstration of our integration below.

There are many use cases for this type of integration, including:

  • Multiple employees using a single scan station.
  • Compact all-in-one unit, no need for PC workstation + document scanner.
  • Superior image quality and image correction compared to a copier or MFP.
  • Keyboard and mouse allow for fast and accurate data entry. Users can also use a touchscreen if space is at a premium.
  • Scan directly to the cloud with Laserfiche SaaS.

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