What is FileFacets?

FileFacets makes it easy for businesses to locate, process, and move content.

FileFacets is an online privacy compliance and enterprise analytics platform that makes it easy for businesses to locate, process & move unstructured content from multiple sources across the enterprise.

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Better understand what you have, what it is, and where it is, so that you can action it appropriately.

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Once your Dashboard has been provisioned, follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Download and install the FileFacets Agent
    A link will be provided via email when your provisioning is complete.
  2. Login to the FileFacets Dashboard
    You will be provided with a url, username, and password when your provisioning is complete.
  3. Scan your Desktop and Select the Drive
    FileFacets will conduct an initial scan of your content’s metadata – this should take a few minutes. Next, a secondary OCR full text index will be done to identify the personally identifiable information (PII) you have on your desktop. This could take up to a few hours depending on your system performance,network speed and file types.
  4. Analyze your content
    Let the FileFacets Dashboard tell the story of your data. How many of your files contain redundant, obsolete, or trivial data? How old, how big, and what type of files are you storing? How much personally identifiable information are you storing?

Privacy Compliance

Get control of your sensitive data

Locate, define, and process Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to ensure your data is secure.

File Clean-up

Find & keep the content you need.

FileFacets continuously monitors your shared drives to identify and eliminate Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial (ROT) files within your organization.

Regulatory Compliance

Organizing data for good governance

Locate and organize content for the virtual data room to expedite due diligence


For early data assessment

Identify, collect, and preserve an unlimited volume of data – from an unrestricted number of sources, across multiple locations

Due Diligence

Locate relevant content and expedite the due diligence process

FileFacets reduces the time and effort on the sell side by eliminating the need to manually search for content